Torah and The Twelve Steps, Inc.
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There is a need for your support for the following:
  1. Scholarships for recovering addicts seeking help in the faith based addiction treatment program. Cost for services is $ 5900 monthly.
  2. Jewish community educational outreach projects in various cities.
  3. Shabbos meals, events, and gatherings on holidays (Yom Tov).
  4. Books and media fund.
  5. Helpline for referral and assistance.
  6. Internet outreach, to build a network of websites to increase our capacity to reach others.

For information please email or phone 305-776-3794 / 305-776-3953.

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Addiction Recovery Program Scholarships and Jewish Outreach Education for recovering persons.

Open Clases

Sundays 7:15PM Beginning/Intermediate Level – Twelve Steps and Jewish mysticism. This in depth interactive class on how to implement the 12 step process with thought provoking insights from various classical sources. This will enhance the recovery experience and provide much information for family and friends of persons in recovery. This is very beneficial for those interested in practicing a practical spirituality in their life and to discover the inspiration of Kabalistic thought. We use also the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book.

Wednesdays 7:15PM More Advanced-Foundations in Prayer and Meditation, Step 11. Learn methods of intense concentration and ways to purify one’s thoughts. Also, to increase awareness of His Power in our lives and to achieve the knowledge of His Will for us.

For information and assistance please call 305-776-3794 or 305-776-3953