Torah and The Twelve Steps, Inc.
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Torah and The Twelve Steps, Inc.
CALL US (305) 497-9270 | 24 HOURS / ANYTIME

12 Steps Counseling For All Life Issues

Addiction • Anger • Fear • Sadness • Anxiety • Loneliness
Dependency • Trauma •  Impulsive/Compulsive Behaviors • Relationships

Rofeh Nefesh Institute

Training Leaders to Heal the Soul Sickness of Addiction

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Solution to Addiction

Torah Wisdom IS  The True Therapy and Psychology

Experience Return (Teshuva) to the The One Real Power of Hashem Our God. Nothing Compares to His 12 Steps Process. He Removes Addiction, Transforms the Personality, We Are Reborn. We Seek to Bring the Light of the One True Faith to All.

This is not a theory or philosophy, it is an experience far deeper than any therapy, it is based on Divine Providence resulting in a complete psychic/personality change thereby healing the addict mind. Addiction is primarily a spiritual malady, thus we are talking of a spiritual solution, requiring ego deflation, moral inventory, confession of wrongs, and selfless service to Hashem in order to help others recover also. The core problem is an addict is existentially discomforted, empty and alone. Drugs provides a pseudo-spiritual solution, a false sense of connection, wholeness and there is absolutely nothing in this world nor any human therapy that can solve this, only a genuine spiritual experience, a Higher Therapy if you like. Drugs replace the essential need for a conscious connection to our Creator.