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Torah and The Twelve Steps, Inc.
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Financial Terms and Conditions

  1. The first month of faith based treatment cost is a minimal $6800, and each additional month of the full program is a minimal $6800. There may be conditions where cost is higher. All services are spiritual, non-clinical only. All rules need to be complied with, including the rules at the supervised housing, otherwise termination of treatment will be at the discretion of the program.
  2. Any client who leaves the program structure after admission without permission will be considered at the discretion of the program discharged from the program. Upon admission full 30 days program payment is required. After 24 hours there is an immediate non refundable $3400 payment of half month sum and from beginning of calendar day 3, day one being the date of admission, the full spiritual treatment sum for the first month is non refundable. Payments are due prior to the first day of each additional month and these payments are non-refundable. A late fee of  250$ per day may be charged at the discretion of program upon beginning of new month if wasn’t a full payment. All costs upon discharge are upon client and program will not take any responsibility, thus individual will secure his/her own way back to originating location or another place of choice.
  3. Relapse to active use of any mind altering substance may require more intensive referral needs such as detoxification whereby the full financial responsibility will be upon the client. There may be required increased compliance to a more supervised structure as deemed appropriate by the program. Upon the discretion of the program relapse may be determined as a cause of discharge from the program.
  4. If program allows services through a credit/debit card or check give Torah and the Twelve Steps, Inc. or its agents full authorization to correspond with and provide his/her client documentation and information and receive his/her client documentation and information from any used merchant services and his/her cardholders issuing bank to resolve any and all errors and disputes. This authorization remains in full effect for (1) one year from the date of admission into the program.
  5. Clients who are not compliant or deemed inappropriate for the program within the first 24 hours will be entitled to a refund of payment less 900$ dollars, additional costs may be assessed included time involved prior to clients physical arrival to the program. Client will be fully responsible to find a way back to the place of origin or any other place of choice.
  6. Upon admission, the first 30 days of program fees are due, and the lack of payment is grounds for immediate termination of any involvement in the program. Client will be fully responsible to seek a return to destination of origin or to any other place of choice.
  7. Any medical services are exclusively separate from the program.  Client is fully responsible for medication compliance and to pay the fees to outside psychiatrist when applicable.
  8. Client is financially responsible for food, meals, toiletries, personal items, and the costs of all activities outside of normal scheduled program activities.


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