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Torah and The Twelve Steps, Inc.
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Spiritual Solutions of Addiction

The only way to treat addiction is to understand the root of the problem and get the right solution to fix it.

My whole life I was searching for meaning and purpose to life. I was spiritually dead and always felt something was missing.

Alcohol/drugs is the closest thing in this world that mimics spirituality, and therefore once I got that first ‘high/rush’ from the drugs/alcohol, it was as though I fell in love and I was hooked. It felt as though I had found the solution to life. At that point I did not want to stop.

Slowly, the Alcohol turned on me, but I couldn’t bear to part with it even though it was killing me as I had no alternative.

I was craving and searching for meaning, for something that helped my life have purpose, I could not accept that the solution to my life had now become my biggest problem. Take that away, what else did I have in my life, what other alternative would anyone give me, what was the purpose to life whether I was drinking or not? I was miserable regardless.

I had every physical thing I could ever wish for, money, men, my own apartment,freedom to do as I wanted, I was travelling across the world, I was still miserable, there was still something missing.

The alcohol was killing me, I did not understand why I kept on going back. My therapist told me I was over reacting, but I was literally drinking myself to death, I couldn’t live with it, or without it.I was scared of myself and did not know what was wrong with me.

Therapy was like a bandaid on cancer. It scratched the surface but never got to the root of the problem.

It made me more confused and left me worse off. I gave up ever getting better, I was left with no hope, no solution.

The problem was that I was spiritually dead, I was searching for true spirituality,for true purpose,for a reason to be alive.

We have a body and a soul.

Therapy, trauma therapy, the medical model of treatment, secular programs, they all try to heal the body, but the soul remains sick and we never recover.

The only way to treat a spiritual problem is through a spiritual solution.

I could not fix myself, no therapy could fix me. My problem was so much deeper than that. I needed a power greater than myself to fix me. I needed God.

It’s horrifying how Jewish people are turning to secular programs, can God through our own Torah not provide us an answer? Why are we turning to non Jews when we have an answer in front of us, and then we wonder why the kids don’t want to be religious these days? They see we don’t live by the Torah, why would they want to?

The only way to recover is to understand that this is a soul sickness, our souls are crying out, not our body. We need true Torah based spirituality, we need God to fix us, and only then will we stop using drugs and get better because we have God and true spirituality.

we know we have real thing, and we can stop chasing it in drugs and the secular lifestyle, we can begin to live our life as true Torah Jews with meaning and purpose just as we are supposed to.